Dimkin's Patisserie

Dimkin's Patisserie

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  1. We discovered Dimkin’s at a friend’s wedding and found their cakes to be so delicious that we had to use them for our own. They conjured up a pyramid of chocolate layers, cheesecake, caramel and tiramasu. It tasted absolutely amazing and looked so good that when it entered the room actually got a round of applause from all of the guests. We wholeheartedly recommend the services of Svet, Ilina and their team!

  2. Hi i met Dimkins at Manchester Food Market this is where i mistakingly tried a macaroon for the first time and now i am completely hooked!!! I was on the stall across from you (polka pops) keep up the fab work and happy baking

    Amy xx

  3. Good afternoon

    I recently had a piece of Passion Fruit Baiser bought from Coffee Dough in Worcester, I have never tasted a cake as amazing before. I have every intention of returning to purchase more from the cafĂ© but do not have a desire to buy in bulk. Do you sell Recipe books with this recipe inside – I’m not in a catering trade but do love to bake as a hobby. I appreciate that the recipe will be secret but if you could give me any pointers/advice on anything similar I would be truly grateful. I have been spreading the word amongst friends and family as it was absolutely fantastic. Phenomenal in fact!!!

    Many thanks for your time
    Helen Alexander